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Hi Guys,

I attended the Primark autumn 2013 press day today and was very impressed! There has been lots of mixed feelings with regards to this brand, however I am here to encourage a different insight and view! In my opinion, Primark have improved with their quality of clothing as well as creativity.  I took some pictures for you to make your judgments.

That was an eye-full wasn't it! No wonder their stores are so gigantic, they have so much to offer us at once! Can't wait for this collection to come to stores because I will certainly be paying them a visit. I'm in love with their shoes, accessories and print blazers!


Paul & Joe nails

Hi Guys,

 If  my nails aren't painted, I feel unbelievably uncomfortable. Especially the moment you're on a train on your way to work and you're reading a book, and the person in front of you stares directly at your unpainted finger nails! (awkward) Or maybe I'm just being paranoid. Anyway I've had a Paul & Joe nail polish sitting on my table for months! Today I decided to try it and I was impressed!

Here I used colour 027 and with just one coat! 

Image 1 of Paul & Joe Limited Edition Summer 2013 Nail Polish
Limited edition SS/13
Image 1 of Paul & Joe Nail Polish Remover
Nail Polish Remover

The range can be found at Selfridges - Polishes are £10.00
They are also on ASOS too!

Peter Pilotto - Pre SS/14

Hi Guys!

Today I would like to share with you a very impressive collection from duo designers Peter Pilotto and Christopher De Vos who have done incredibly with one of my favourite labels; Peter Pilotto.
I was particularly amazed at the print-fest of their Pre SS/14 collection. It felt like a little teaser of what is to come and I just had to show you! :-)

It really is just so beautiful to view. As a Nigerian, one of the types of clothing that we wear is known as 'ankara' and is full of all types of print. This is the reason why I am so in love with this collection and their many others. It is full of colour and life. The vibrancy of each piece stands out and are all very unique.

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