SPRING/SUMMER 2013 - Some of my favorites

Totally adore the set!!! I do believe that music and theme sets the audience in a zone of their own, it compliments what is being showcased.  Now, VUITTON! has invited us to play chess I think! Fantastic collection although I have seen mixed feelings. I personally think its a trend setter no doubt. The chess themed pieces are bold and demonstrate a very light headed atmosphere. Its airy and bright. 7/10

Okay now absolutely love love love this collection! I've always been a fan of VB, her collections are always, smart, concentrated in color, sophisticated and pointed at the classy woman. This collection holds the main colors of white, black, red etc. The collection carries simplicity, and I think this works. There's an outfit for all occasions, whether its a dinner party, office meeting, casual lunch, fashion event you name it! No faults from Mrs Beckham.
By the way, I love the soundtrack used, It's called Genesis by Grimes ;-)

fendi logo

I do like this one! love the dresses, the hand bags, the sporty looks, the girly looks, sophisticated looks, dark colored looks, i could go on forever! its packed full of different types of pieces. Fendi had a lot to offer in this one! I have definitely got a few ideas for summer, cant wait! Keep a good close eye on the bags, whooooi!!! And the sparkly numbers, love those.

My favorites from Fendi...

Bring on spring/summer!!!

I am convinced that this dress was created for me!

Well! that's all for tonight folks! hope you enjoyed it. until next post xoxo


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