Beauty-full News! Part 3

Hi Guys,

It's been a while since I have posted on here - I know, no excuses right?!! I am so sorry, my world in the last few weeks has been hectic. From my fantastic internship at Stylist Magazine to my inspiring chat with the lovely Arieta Mujay (PR Manager at River Island) I even had a couple of days with the bug :-( what a horrible experience. Nevertheless, the world of Fashion and Beauty never stops and therefore,  I have so much things to show and tell you guys, so ensure that you keep up with posts!

On this bright and sunny Tuesday, I thought I would feed you guys with 2 beauty treats to be excited about!

Michael Kors to launch colour cosmetics line

Now we can all agree that Mr Kors has been driving this American empire through a very smooth and successful road. What better idea than to launch a cosmetics range too? We are extremely pleased and excited at the fact that we will at some point, have a lipstick or blusher somewhere in our handbags from Micheal Kors!

Ad Campaign

Loving the look of the products, classy.

Rihanna and MAC collaboration

Rihanna has finally launched her first lipstick with MAC Cosmetics and will be known as "RiRi Woo" to reflect her favourite lipstick from MAC, "Ruby Woo". It's a classic red lipstick and will be out May 3rd, retailing at £14.00.

RiRi Woo
RiRi Woo

More posts to come guys, so lookout for them! xoxo


  1. Love the Michael Kors ad and the golden hues, so pretty!

    I've been reading over your blog for a while, and I nominated you for a Liebster Award!

    See your nomination on my blog:

    Keep up the great blogging! ^_^

    1. Hey thanks for your comment my dear!!! And yes loving the Michael kors.

      Tune in!



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