Spotted! Net-a-Porter

Hi guys!

I hope all of my London ladies are enjoying today's weather! I do hope it stays this way or warms a little more. So! I went on to Net-a-Porter and spotted a few things that I thought I would bring to your attention.

Givenchy £2,268
Why not make a futuristic statement. Walk in these like you are walking in to the future!

Victoria Beckham Denim 
Victoria Beckham £530.00
 Such a trendy cotton jacket, the back is the best part, look below

Victoria Beckham Denim 
Victoria Beckham £530.00

Christian Louboutin 
Christian Louboutin £1,165
This metallic leather clutch bag is for certain occasions. Glamorous ones that is! Why not fish out a little black dress and throw one of these on your shoulders!

Gucci £575.00
Patent-leather envelop clutch. Loving the classic Gucci statement buckle in the front

Just some ideas for you! Enjoy your day!

Flo xoxo


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