H&M hearts SHOES! - Press/Preview event

Hi Guys!

I'm back with some shoes and accessories! I attended the H&M preview event of their SS/13 collection!
I was really impressed with what I saw, and it certainly set me up for this spring/summer. I cannot wait to start wearing sandals and wedges because I am tired of the boots! So ladies let's get our pedicure appointments booked! ha!

Take a look at some pictures that I took below and tell me what you think..

 These are the bikinis that will soon be in stock, The front bikini bra looks like something Rihanna would wear.

The warm weather allows us to let our skin breathe! Love these peep toe wedges!

This is for all of you snake skin lovers. A lovely clutch candy on a night out.

The year of the BIG hand bags.

This is one of my favourite neck accessories of the bunch. This neck piece is a bold statement and wants all the attention.

Bags bags bags!

H&M gives us nude, neutral creams, white and camel colours this spring/summer.

Some more neck pieces to complement a dress.

I love this bag, especially the colour it's in. It would be appreciated on a bright sunny day with a pair of sunglasses in the same colour!

H&M are also adding a bit of colour to your day.

These are perfect for spring. It's covered enough, yet there's room for air! It's sheek and with a pair of tight skinny jeans it would look even more divine.

I was really fascinated with this clutch bag. Love the odd colours. The pastel green makes it unique.

These are the type of block wedges you pack in a suitcase for a holiday!The hidden pink is such a beautiful mystery!

Overall setting in the showroom

Well! I am really excited for some of the things that H&M will be bringing to their stores! I love the warm weather, it really compliments fashion in general.

I will be attending more preview events over the coming weeks so look out for the posts!

I hope you liked the collection!


  1. Hey hun I love how your blog is looking, I nominated you for a Liebster Blog Award.xx


    1. OH wow! Thank you so much that means alot! Glad you love the blog, tune in as there will be more excited and exclusive stuff coming up!

      Will check out yours now my love


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