MFW AW/13 Day 1 and 2

Now it's time for Milan to show us what is happening in the fashion game!! MFW started on Wednesday and I must say, Milan and Paris fashion weeks are what I have been waiting for the most.

So far I have been impressed by what heavy weights such as Prada and Gucci have brought to the round table of fashion.

So lets have a look at my personal favourites on the runway!


I've always thought plum looked great on women!

I do like the print used. It looks similar to Vera Wang's print shown at NFW (look back at my previous posts)

I absolutely adore that feather skirt.


MaxMara have chosen the colours of camel/caramel/brown to dominate the collection.

The coats are what caught my attention in this particular collection. MaxMara are trending long and oversized coats this A/W, ensuring that we are warm yet stylish!


I was really trying to decide whether this collection impressed me. I can see that Karl Lagerfeld has bent the rules a little. This season he has given us playful and colourful. I am certain that the accessory on the bags that the models are holding is a character from Sesame Street ha! What are you trying to tell us Karl?
It's very punk-ish and retro I think, but why not, hey, Fashion has no limits!

Just Cavalli

I love what has been done here with prints. Prints have been hot throughout last year and I guess it's not going anywhere! I believe it makes a bold statement and says a lot about the individual trending it. It says to me that you do not want to be ordinary! In my opnion fashion should never be safe or ordinary! Let it show people the definiation of you, and I'm sure you would have a lot to say!


I love the fur and stripes. I think some of the outfits shown here are suitable for work. It's sophisticated but not the boring conservative type, instead it's trendy and built for the classy woman!


  1. Hey Flo whoa
    so excited about the caramel and oil yellow colours.
    Lovely tones and thanks for your advice on next seasons trends. Victoria Lam

    1. Thanks very much, it means a lot! I look foward to the collection from Victoria Lam!! xxx


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