More from NYFW....

Hi guys,

So I'm back with some more on NYFW!

I specifically wanted to focus on some of my favourite designers.
Let's have a look at some of my favourite pieces from them..


VB has brought us an autumn/winter posh look! Her usual sophisticated look returns and no doubt has she impressed us again. This collection definitely lives up to her nickname "posh". It's classy and reminds you of Victoria Beckham herself. I like her designs as it reflects who she is, you would instantly recognise her designs from miles away. Have a look below, I really like the deep split midi's.

VB seems to be taking us back to Polo necks, definitely useful for the cold weather!


This collection is also very sophisticated, I'm sure all of you busy office women would have a field day with this collection.
I really like the plum colors used in the first two pictures and the belts too. I think we are returning back to the seventies here with Marc Jacobs!


Vera never disappoints me, she always gives me something to smile about! Looove this collection. It's fun, creative and daring.

I told you the peplum trend was here to stay!

Well you certainly will not need gloves with this one!

I have been seeing a lot of fur coats around, but yes Vera why not have a fur dress instead! awesome!

Now I would really love to know where she got this print from. It's gorgeous. I especially love the mixtures of colors; the top and skirt look like they are from two different outfits but they marry each other well. Genius!


Enjoy his grand designs!

Love this peplum dress. Look at that metallic burnt orange! same as below


  1. VICTORIA BECKHAM very cool!
    Subscribed to your blog, I hope to reciprocate!
    Visit to my blog:
    I like to press on facebook, if you want -

    1. Thanks for the comment, will check out your blog now!

  2. Omg the 3rd one the outfit is perfect! I want that ...After i buy my gurdle lol x

  3. A fantastic NYFW break down! I'll definitely keep an eye out for you at LFW! :)



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