DUNE! high summer press event

Hi guys,

Today I went to have a look at some shoes!! who doesn't love shoes?!
Today was the showcasing of Dune's high summer collections. Dune are known for their matching shoe and bag sets so look out for their awesome bags too! Go on, have a look at the pictures I took. Enjoy!

The bag actually reminds me of an Orange! that fruity smell reminds me of summer!

Sandals are always a popular option during summer months I guess!

Matching shoe and clutch. This is something that my mother would pop on with her Nigerian attire. Groovy!

Love me a bit of leopard skin! We have been seeing that a lot lately haven't we...does Burberry ring any bells?

Some adorable flats! I always go for the black option and I haven't a clue why! I have sooo many black flats it's unreal!

Loved the way they set the preview. 

Some treats for the attendees! Thanks to the Dune team.


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