Hi Guys!

I am totally in love with House of Worth. Their pieces are so imaginative and that's why I call it the future! It's like something out of a sci-fi movie.

It's not your ordinary couture type collection but one with style, passion and creativity pulling with it huge amounts of futuristic elements.

Take a look below ...

I absolutely adore the hoodie-like top part of this one. It's different and courageous. This is definitely something that I would wear and it would make heads turn!

Absolutely stunning! I have to admit, I am a lover of black! I do not think this dress could have come in any other color. This is a mixture of the Matrix and the Oscars! Love it!

Here we have the future bride! the spike lined design that goes down the middle looks almost animalistic just like a crocodiles back I think! If not a crocodile then most definitely some kind of reptile! We have an animalistic top and bridal bottom!

I couldn't help but show you this collection. Creativity and uniqueness I believe is key when it comes to fashion.

I always say the most silliest or most impossible and insane things we think about may actually be quite wonderful!

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  1. Amazing! Especially the bridal one! Keep it up sis! Est xx


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