More on MFW...

We have 1 more day left at Milan Fashion week and then Paris will take over.

Lets have a look at some of my favourites below..


I must admit I haven't looked at any of Iceberg's stuff in quite a while. I remember in the nineties when my big sister used to absolutely looove wearing Iceberg. A couple of the pieces below remind me of those times; especially the pink/fushia leather trousers! in one of the pictures below.

Love the leather and cashmere infused jumper!

My girl Cara again ;-)


I was not really impressed with this collection however I chose these particular pictures simply because of the coats. I do like the coats, the length and the colours chosen.


I love the fur scarf, I just hope it's not too heavy on her neck!

That leather top is gorgeous! Would pop that on with orange trousers!!

I call it the year of the fur for Marni! I adore what is being done here with fur, especially how fur has been used several ways- a scarf, part of a dress and top. Cool!! I think this collection really reflects the season it's showcasing for.

More on MFW tomorrow and look out for the Oscars - Red Carpet!


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