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Cara Delevingne - The most talked about model

She's a complete stunner! (Fashion Model Management)
This is dedicated to you Cara!

Cara Delevingne grabbed the title of "model of the year" at the British Fashion Awards. From a casual ASOS model to now covergirl for Vogue, March issue, which I am currently obsessed with!
She is just stunning, and has the perfect face, contour and physique for runway!

She has modeled for various designers including Burberry, Chanel, Stella McCartney and Oscar de la renta. She has also modeled for Victoria's Secret and wow-ed the crowed at the Victoria's Secret Show in 2012.

I've created a look book of now one of my favourite models

Current issue of  British VOGUE
At the Victoria's Secret show 2012
Cara Delevingne Cara Delevingne walks the runway during the Burberry Prorsum show at London Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2012 at Kensington Gardens on February 20, 2012 in London, England.
Burberry Prorsum LFW AW/12

Oscar de la renta SS/13
Burberry cosmetics
Chanel Campaign
Judging by the pictures above it's no wonder all these labels want to hire her to showcase their collections. She looks good in everything and is very versatile looking!

Cara has now taken it one step further by trademarking her name seen as she is so looked upon right now! This gives her the right, exclusively, to use her name for marketing. It also prevents certain products from being established under her name. (Vogue.co.uk)

At the tender age of 20 she is already getting her business mind in to full gear - proud of you Cara, can't be a model forever I guess.

I was lucky enough to get a fantastic picture of her (also showcasing my fantastic photography skills ;-) at the Rihanna for River Island show at LFW! She was smoking an electronic cigarette and I got a great shot. Look below

Also posted in my previous post of Rihanna for River Island

 Below is a screen shot off my iPhone of Cara on the start up page of the Vogue Daily News app!

Screen shot off my iPhone this afternoon!

For British VOGUE March issue

Cara Delevingne strong brows for Burberry campaign
Noted for her 'strong brows'

Nothing suits her better than a center parting hairstyle! (Getty images)
Loving that red!

Embrace your weirdness!

Totally sexi-fied!

Love that beehive and nude lips
We love Cara, she is the next big thing, well already is!

Flo takes on the role of Fashion Police - OSCARS 2013

The 85th Academy Oscar awards took place yesterday! And I have been seeing so many pictures and comments of beautiful gowns and not so beautiful gowns. In the world of fashion, the winner of an Oscars statue is the least of our worries. What is worn is most important! Now obviously there are those who stood out and those who played safe and those who, well, didn't quite make the cut!



Jennifer Lawrence, Best Actress: Dior Haute Couture

Love the drooped back chain!
This is number 1 for me! It so happens that this was my favourite design from Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week 2013 (look back on to my previous posts) I think the fish tail is just stunning and fits her body shape very well. I think she stood out from the rest. I guess when you know you've been nominated there's a possibility you could win and so you have to look your best. She looked her best and she won, go Miss Lawrence!

Jessica Chastain: Giorgio Armani
Now I think it's fair to say that Miss Chastain is stunning visually but with that gown, wow she looks spectacular. I think the colour and design of the dress compliments her strawberry blonde (I think) hair.

Amy Adams: Oscar de la renta
Who doesn't like dresses from Oscar de la renta?..... any takers?..... that's what I thought. This is beautiful. I love the simple top, ruffled bottom and long tail. Great choice of designer Amy!

Naomi Watts: Giorgio Armani
Naomi opted for this gorgeous sleek and shiny gown. I'm totally in love with top half. She has the perfect neck line to compliment it!

Charlize Theron: Dior Haute Couture
She always impresses me and has an aura of elegance when she walks on that red carpet. Looking dazzling in white, Charlize takes on Dior with a hint of peplum. Yum!

Halle Berry: Versace
This has Versace written all over it. I love the elegance of it and who better to wear it but Miss Halle Berry. She brought some gold sparkle to the red carpet.


Zoe Saldana: Alexis Mabille Couture
Zoe you are stunning but I'm not too sure if the shoes were the best option with that dress. 

Anne Hathaway: Prada
Anne was a little difficult for me to judge. She looked great but I felt it was a little bland and simple for me. 

Jennifer Aniston: Valentino
The average red gown that everyone knows I think! Jennifer could have done a lot better.

Kerry Washington: Miu Miu
An average coral dress. This was very watered down compared to what she wore at the Django Unchained premier (Giles). I actually thought she would be amongst the outstanding. What happened?


Kristen Stewart: Reem Acra Couture
No no no! Most definitely not impressed. She looks dull! And facial expressions aren't helping either! Looked on the Vogue website and here are a few comments people made:-

"I can't even comment on KStew after last night. She was so stoned I barely even noticed her limp or disheveled hair or what she was wearing. It was ridiculous."

"Someone buy her a brush."

"awkward as ever."

Mmmm not very good comments 

Helen Hunt: H&M
Not sure about this, I really am not sure. Her dress looks a little creased too. Iron anyone?
Okay I do like the way she rocked a high street label that I purchase from but...hmmm. Look at the comments below from Vogue.co.uk:

"Her desire to stand out by wearing the high street brand turned out badly: the dress looks cheap and rumpled."

"but the dress is so unflattering and badly tailored!"

"If it wasn't for it being all wrinkled it would have been ok. Cheap will always look cheap unfortunately."

Helena Bonham Carter: Vivienne Westwood

I guess this is her right? Helena dresses how she is right? But unfortunately it's not nice. Love Vivienne Westwood's dresses, but unsure if this should have been chosen for the OSCARS. A comment below from Vogue.co.uk

"She looks like she is still in Les Miserable." (this really made me crack up!! haha!)

More on MFW...

We have 1 more day left at Milan Fashion week and then Paris will take over.

Lets have a look at some of my favourites below..


I must admit I haven't looked at any of Iceberg's stuff in quite a while. I remember in the nineties when my big sister used to absolutely looove wearing Iceberg. A couple of the pieces below remind me of those times; especially the pink/fushia leather trousers! in one of the pictures below.

Love the leather and cashmere infused jumper!

My girl Cara again ;-)


I was not really impressed with this collection however I chose these particular pictures simply because of the coats. I do like the coats, the length and the colours chosen.


I love the fur scarf, I just hope it's not too heavy on her neck!

That leather top is gorgeous! Would pop that on with orange trousers!!

I call it the year of the fur for Marni! I adore what is being done here with fur, especially how fur has been used several ways- a scarf, part of a dress and top. Cool!! I think this collection really reflects the season it's showcasing for.

More on MFW tomorrow and look out for the Oscars - Red Carpet!

MFW AW/13 Day 1 and 2

Now it's time for Milan to show us what is happening in the fashion game!! MFW started on Wednesday and I must say, Milan and Paris fashion weeks are what I have been waiting for the most.

So far I have been impressed by what heavy weights such as Prada and Gucci have brought to the round table of fashion.

So lets have a look at my personal favourites on the runway!


I've always thought plum looked great on women!

I do like the print used. It looks similar to Vera Wang's print shown at NFW (look back at my previous posts)

I absolutely adore that feather skirt.


MaxMara have chosen the colours of camel/caramel/brown to dominate the collection.

The coats are what caught my attention in this particular collection. MaxMara are trending long and oversized coats this A/W, ensuring that we are warm yet stylish!


I was really trying to decide whether this collection impressed me. I can see that Karl Lagerfeld has bent the rules a little. This season he has given us playful and colourful. I am certain that the accessory on the bags that the models are holding is a character from Sesame Street ha! What are you trying to tell us Karl?
It's very punk-ish and retro I think, but why not, hey, Fashion has no limits!

Just Cavalli

I love what has been done here with prints. Prints have been hot throughout last year and I guess it's not going anywhere! I believe it makes a bold statement and says a lot about the individual trending it. It says to me that you do not want to be ordinary! In my opnion fashion should never be safe or ordinary! Let it show people the definiation of you, and I'm sure you would have a lot to say!


I love the fur and stripes. I think some of the outfits shown here are suitable for work. It's sophisticated but not the boring conservative type, instead it's trendy and built for the classy woman!

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